Dr Rick Odland...Dr. Rick Odland

is a native of Sioux Falls.  Born and raised here, Dr. Odland has a love for this city and the surrounding communities, which is part of the reason he wrote a history book on Sioux Falls in 2007.


From Cancer to Chiropractor…


If you had asked Rick as a boy what he was going to do when he grew up, one of the last things he would have said would be a chiropractor.  In high school he thought he would go on to have a career playing in a “Rock ‘n Roll” band and would also continue working at a television station.  He was for sure not planning to go to college.  But, a year after his high school graduation, Rick realized he had other ideas for his life and as a result, started taking classes part-time at Augustana College in Sioux Falls.  After undergoing treatment and surgery for skin cancer during summer break that year, he decided to go full-time to college and study Biology.  He graduated from Augustana College in 1997 with a biology degree – in addition to many other activities while on campus, he also got to assist in a cancer research project with frogs.  He and his wife then moved to Minneapolis, MN where he began school at Northwestern Chiropractic College.  During his time at chiropractic school, Rick was very involved in the school’s Student American Chiropractic Association where he served as secretary, vice-president, and finally president.  For his outstanding leadership, a school professor awarded him a prestigious award.  He was also voted by the students to be a class speaker for graduation.

Dr. Odland completed his internship for his final trimesters by working with Dr. Gene Hagedorn in Sioux Falls.  He then became an Associate doctor at the clinic and in 2002, purchased the clinic from Dr. Hagedorn.  The clinic moved from its old location in the Clock Tower Square on 41st Street and Marion Road to its current location in December of 2007 - on the west side of Sioux Falls at 3600 S. Marion Road.


In his free time, Dr. Odland enjoys spending time with his family (his wife, Amy, and their 4 kids), volunteering at church, woodworking, hunting, and Sioux Falls history.

Dr Todd Marlette...Dr. Todd Marlette

grew up in Huron, SD. While in high school he participated in many types of athletics. He was part of a three time state champion hockey team. After graduating from high school, Dr. Marlette attended the University of South Dakota. While at the university he became a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He graduated in 1997 with a bachelors degree in Biology. In the fall of 1997, Dr. Marlette moved to Bloomington, MN to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University. After graduating in the fall of 2000 with his chiropractic degree, he moved with his wife to Sioux Falls to open a practice. In February 2001, he opened up Marlette Chiropractic on the west side of Sioux Falls. Dr.Marlette practiced at his clinic for 10 years before deciding to join Odland Chiropractic in the spring of 2011.


In his free time Dr. Marlette enjoys spending time with his family - wife Therese, daughter Corissa, and son Matthew. He also enjoys playing softball, camping, and hunting.

Dr. Odland and Dr. Marlette are both licensed chiropractors and participating members of the following organizations

 ACA Logo White 03 American Chiropractic Association
 sdchiropractor South Dakota Chiropractor's Association
sdboard South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Dr Gene Hagedorn...(retired)hagedorn color photo small 2

was born and raised in and around the Flandreau, South Dakota, area. I graduated from Flandreau High School in 1966. After high school, I attended South Dakota State University in Brookings for 2 semesters; however, I was number one on the county Military Draft list so decided to join the US Navy. I entered the Navy in December, 1967. After finishing boot camp, I was sent to San Diego and stationed aboard the US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Constellation (CVA-64). We spent the next 10 months off the coast of Viet Nam and cruising the Tonkin Golf and Western Pacific area. After returning to the US, I attended Navy schools for training in shipboard radar electronics. I was then assigned to duty aboard the US Navy Guided Missile Destroyer, USS Barney (DDG-6). During the next 2 ½ years, we spent time cruising the Mediterranean Sea, the coasts of Western Europe, Northern Africa, Eastern US, and the Caribbean Sea. I was honorably discharged as an E-5 in December, 1971.


I returned to South Dakota following my discharge and began working in the construction industry for Sioux Falls Construction Company. I worked in and around the Sioux Falls area and also spent several months in Norfolk, Nebraska, and Pierre, SD, on various construction projects. My construction career abruptly ended on July 18, 1975 when I suffered my first heart attack. I found out that family history certainly does have a major affect on all of our lives! It was time to make a career change.


In 1976, I moved to Durango, Colorado, and enrolled at Fort Lewis College School of Business. I lived in the beautiful southwest Colorado mountains until graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in 1979. I then moved to Minneapolis, MN, and enrolled at the University of Minnesota graduate school of Business Administration. I received a Masters Degree, MBA, in Business Administration (emphasizing health care management) in 1980. After graduating, I found a job as the director of a Visiting Nurses and Home Health Care agency for the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. I later co-owned and operated a Temporary Health Care service, an answering service, and two secretarial services.


In 1983, I decided I needed to do more with my life than manage health care employees. I enrolled at Northwestern College of Chiropractic, Minneapolis. I spent the next 10 trimesters attending Northwestern College and operating my businesses. I graduated in 1986, with a Doctor of Chiropractic, DC, degree. I then realized I'd had enough of the “big city” life and moved back to Sioux Falls.

I opened my Chiropractic office, in the current location at Clock Tower Square 41st Street and Marion Road in southwest Sioux Falls, in 1987. I spent the next 14 years as a sole-practitioner getting to know all of my wonderful patients, whom I now consider "friends" more than patients. I was blessed in 2000 when I had the great fortune to meet a Chiropractic student, originally from Sioux Falls, named Rick Odland. I felt an immediate bond with this charming gentleman and brought him into my Practice when he was finishing school, first as an intern and later as an Associate after receiving his South Dakota Chiropractic license. Dr. Rick has now assumed all responsibilities of the Practice. I am completely retired now and feel honored to have worked with Dr. Rick Odland as his Associate.


I have also been blessed in my family life with a son, Mike, and daughter-in-law, Niccie, and 2 beautiful granddaughters. I enjoy fishing and hunting and have a camper and boat, which I keep in the Platte, SD, and Missouri River area. Three years ago, I had a 1934 Ford Cabriolet convertible built and enjoyed attending car shows and "cruising."